Pam Kerber and her team were key through our entire moving process.  Pam was a wealth of information to get us started, helping us consider interest rates, current home pricing, what we could consider selling for, as well as the criteria and cost of our future home.  After figuring out our best time line, Pam began the selling process with us.  Her stager had great affordable suggestions to really improve our home’s appeal, and her photographer was able to capture our rooms in a way that the rooms looked especially large and bright.  Her videographer was too late because we sold the first day!

For us, the buying process was tougher – my husband and I were not on the same page with what we wanted in our future home, or how much we wanted to spend.  Pam worked with us to help us define and rule out what we didn’t want, and started us on our way of “just looking” for the sake of helping us understand the market.  She networked with other realtors through meetings, e-mail blasts, and anyone she came in contact with, inquiring about potential homes with pools coming on the market.  She also offered to knock on doors for us in any neighborhood of homes we may be interested in.  It took time for us to find the “one,” and Pam cheerfully went through probably over 50 homes with us, but we found it.  The perfect home for us. From the very beginning of the process in considering the right timing for us to make a move, selling our home, and buying a new one, Pam was there for us.


— Mike and Rachael W.